Frequently Asked Questions

Using Derbyshire Pathfinder (DP)

No content may be copied from Derbyshire Pathfinder and shared with third parties without prior approval from NHS Derby and Derbyshire ICB and/or the copyright holder of the resource.  If you have a query regarding the sharing of content, please email the project's mailbox at

Unfortunately there is no search function within the Derbyshire Pathfinder (DP) template itself.  The templates have been designed with links between sections so you may see a button to take you to a different page, if you can't see the resource you need.  Alternatively, if there is a document that you know the name of that you can't find, you can use the search function within "Letters" on SystmOne.  We will be looking to develop an A-Z of key terms to substitute the search function.

This resource includes clinical and/or patient facing information, which have been recommended for use in Derbyshire through local clinical speciality leads.  These resources should be used as support and guidance and are not intended to replace clinical judgement.

At present Derbyshire Pathfinder content is stored in Microsoft Teams with access restrictions. On first accessing the Teams site your account will need to be authenticated by the Derby and Derbyshire CCG.
Once this has been completed you will receive a confirmation email, from which point on you will also be able to access all clinical resources in the Derbyshire Pathfinder Teams site.
Derbyshire Pathfinder content is currently moving to its own web environment which will remove the need for such requests. Thank you for your patience while we migrate these files.

Use the 'Form Protection' (found on the SystmOne Mail Merge tab) option to lock the document.  Please note that this must be clicked before attempting to use any check boxes, and again before attempting to enter text or similar on to the document.

If you, or another user, will need to amend / add to the document before sending, use 'Save for Future Editing'.  When all information is complete, select 'Save as Final Version'.  Please note that documents must be saved as final version before sending via NHS Mail or attaching to external systems such as eRS.

Please email the Derbyshire Pathfinder (DP) mailbox  Please think about the following questions when contacting the team:

When submitting corrections:

1) What did I try to use?

2) What was the error?

3) What did I expect to happen?

When submitting suggestions:

1) What would have been useful?

2) How do I normally access this?

3) Where have I seen this before?

If using a laptop, please ensure that you press the hold down the Fn button while pressing the F12 key.  On standard keyboards issued by NHS DDICB, the Fn button is to the bottom left of the keyboard between the Ctrl key and the key with the Windows symbol.

This may be because your employing organisation has not provided you with a licence to Microsoft Office 365 Apps for Enterprise through your NHSmail account.  By default, all GP Practice staff will have been allocated a licence by the CCG.

If you are employed by one of the acute trusts or another organisation, please speak to your IT Helpdesk to resolve, as we are unable to allocate licences to any NHSmail accounts which are not affiliated to one of our GP Practices.  If you are employed by a GP Practice and do not have access, please contact the NECS Service Desk on 0300 555 0340 for advice.

Currently Derbyshire Pathfinder (DP) is being developed to support referrals within the Derby health and social care system, but we recognise the importance of supporting referrals into neighbouring CCG and ICS areas.  This feature is on our development plan which is constantly reviewed to ensure it reflects the priorities of the wider system.

As yet, no dates have been set for when referrals from other areas may be incorporated.


Training and Demonstrations

Familiarisation materials have been made available on Derbyshire Pathfinder (DP) website.  Please click on the Support link in the top menu bar.

There are currently three videos available.  We recommend that clinical and referring staff watch Derbyshire Pathfinder Navigation Overview video in the first instance, whilst management and IT staff would benefit from watching Derbyshire Pathfinder Project Overview.  A higher level / brief overview is provided in Derbyshire Pathfinder In Brief. Please note, the videos have been produced with limited resources and to a basic standard. The quality of the recordings will be improved and the content refreshed in the future.

Derbyshire Pathfinder (DP) can only be seen by accessing a live instance of SystmOne that has loaded the toolkit.  Familiarisation materials have been made available on Derbyshire Pathfinder (DP) website.  Please visit the support page at

Please email if you require any further information or assistance.


Project Information

No, Derbyshire Pathfinder (DP) does not exist outside of the clinical systems.  It has been built using the functionality that is integral in the TPP SystmOne clinical information system.

Before any template or pathway is uploaded to Derbyshire Pathfinder (DP), it undergoes a clinical review and assurance process which guarantees that the resource is the current version.  This is undertaken in collaboration with Clinical Leads and other key roles within the Derbyshire health and social care system in addition to internal checks through the project's Clinical Review Group.

The resources underpinning Derbyshire Pathfinder (DP) will be made available to EMIS Web practices. Unfortunately EMIS Web does not allow the same manipulation of the interface (particularly with regard to clinical templates).  As such, the user interface that has been designed based on the tested and widely adopted version in use in Nottinghamshire / Rushcliffe, and cannot be replicated wholesale in EMIS Web.

Currently there are a handful of Derbyshire GP practices using Resource Publisher (instead of Template Manager) from the initial rollout a few years ago.  EMIS practices are aware this rollout was stopped due to performance issues.

EMIS then began a controlled rollout to selected GP practices in October 2020, during this time two minor issues were discovered which stopped the rollout until these issues were fixed. Since the beginning of the 2020 controlled rollout, EMIS have activated 2131 organisations. Although this current controlled rollout seems to be running successfully, we are still awaiting a plan from EMIS to indicate how/when other GP practices will be moved to Resource Publisher.

Until such time, NECS will not be able to move their reporting unit to Resource Publisher as EMIS are not accepting any new requests for activations. Unfortunately this hinders our ability to reproduce Derbyshire Pathfinder (DP) for EMIS practices, as we cannot centrally publish/unpublished data entry templates and mail merge documents.

However, we are currently working with development partners on a review of Derbyshire Pathfinder's technical architecture which would allow us to bring EMIS Web practices into Pathfinder sooner.

Alert: Please Note

Please note that this is a clinical resource linked to the Derbyshire Pathfinder project. As such, clinical content is only available for approved organisations.