New support system introduced

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Over the past few months, the Derbyshire Pathfinder project has been reviewing the previous phases of the project and  improvements that can be made to existing processes.  One of those areas is the way in which the project receives requests for new sections to be added to the application, amendments or general queries and how that request or enquiry is managed internally and the originator kept updated of progress.

As a result, we shall shortly be introducing a support desk system which allows authorised users to raise requests with the support teams in place of emailing the project mailbox.  This will help ensure that all information necessary to process the request is included on the ticket to prevent unnecessary delay through the exchange of multiple emails.  Should a support ticket be raised without the necessary information, this will be returned to the sender to request the additional information be added so that the request can progress.  Any support tickets which are not updated after three requests will be closed by the team to prevent a backlog of work which cannot be actioned.

There will also be a self-help site launched which links in with the web site and displays answers to frequently asked questions which we hope will address some of the queries and which will be developed over time.

Further information will be posted on the web site once the support system has completed initial trials.

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