Derbyshire Pathfinder for EMIS Practices

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As Derbyshire colleagues may already be aware, the Derbyshire Pathfinder team have been working with colleagues at Egton to bring forward the delivery of the Resource Publisher functionality which will assist the NECS Data Quality in deploying new forms into the EMIS Web clinical information system.  However, to move this process forward the CCG’s Digital Development team is in the process of transferring documents out of the current Microsoft Teams environment and into this web site to allow access to forms and other resources outside of the clinical information system.

This new Clinical Resources area of the web site will be restricted to only allow access to other NHS organisations and will be collated under the headings of:

  • Clinical Guidance
  • Pathways
  • Referral Forms
  • Resources

In recognition of the importance of engaging with all clinical information systems and the emerging system work of the ICS, the Project Board has agreed to a review of the technical architecture of Derbyshire Pathfinder which is due to be completed within the next month.  From this initial piece of work, the Board will be looking at additional options for initially integrating our EMIS Practices into Derbyshire Pathfinder followed by other healthcare partners.

Alert: Please Note

Please note that this is a clinical resource linked to the Derbyshire Pathfinder project. As such, clinical content is only available for approved organisations.