Derbyshire Paediatric Headache Pathway

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The Paediatric Expert Advisory Forum, led by clinical experts in Chesterfield and Derby, have been working collaboratively to launch a clinical pathway to assist GP’s and clinical colleagues on managing headaches in children which often worry parents despite the low risk of significant pathology.

The Derbyshire Paediatric Headache Pathway will support general practice in signposting which red flags needs referring to a Paediatrician along with helpful advice on the management of tension, headache, cluster headache and migraine in children.  There is also useful advice from the HEADSMART decision tool which can be used during your consultation with parents, and there are further links to helpful leaflets to give to parents.

The Pathway is now available in Derbyshire Pathfinder via the Derbyshire Pathfinder Home Screen > Paediatrics > Clinician Resources

Two additional paediatric pathways – Derbyshire Tic Disorder Pathway and Sleep Pathway for North Derbyshire have also been added and can be viewed via the Paediatrics page in Derbyshire Pathfinder.

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