Cardiology referral and investigation forms on Derbyshire Pathfinder

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CVD Delivery Group has launched a new Derbyshire wide Cardiology referral form. The Group worked alongside cardiology consultants in Derby and Chesterfield and colleagues at Inspire Health, NECS and the CCG to develop a form that works for GPs.

The form is now available on the cardiology tab in Derbyshire Pathfinder and has ten sections linked to common Cardiovascular related conditions with referral forms and supporting advice and guidance for each condition. These include referral forms to secondary care and community cardiology services such as heart failure and cardiology rehabilitation. One of the sections covers investigations and has all the forms you need for ECHO, 24 hour tape, etc.

This will support general practice as all the referral and investigation requests can be accessed in one place within Derbyshire Pathfinder. This will also provide information for primary care colleagues on the referral criteria and key information which cardiologists need to triage the patients in a timely manner. Most of the information on the forms will be auto-populated from the practice systems including the last clinical consultation. There will be no need to dictate a referral letter.

At this point in time the form is available on SystmOne only, work on the development of the form for use via EMIS will follow and those practices will be notified when the form becomes available.

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